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  • Pay First - Watch Next

    During the live demo an idea was presented regarding videos from classes requiring payment prior to watching the video. We liked the idea and are now working on implementing it as a feature.

    Here is what we are thinking about. We love to hear comments about shortcomings or other ideas regarding the implementation. Please note this is a brainstorming topic and NOT related to an existing feature. We are trying to understand everyone's requirement so we can start typing.

    Step 1: The payment requirement option is part of the Pledge Video.

    The step illustrated below allows for the following actions:
    • Payment Options: Is the payment required to watch the video. If payment is required the viewer cannot skip the Pledge Video unless a payment has been made. All video control buttons will be disabled.
    • Video Access Options: How many days does a viewer have to view the video? When charging for viewing the video, one has to consider what will happen if the viewer accidentally close the browser or a browser crashes, etc. Does the viewer have a time period to watch the video and that is what is set here in days.
    • Button Label: A new button needs to be defined for this payment since one may choose to leave the donation button intact at the top of the video. The next 3 fields provide customization for the payment button.
    • Display message: Instructions may be added to appear above the payment button, explaining why a payment is required before watching the video. Please note that the viewer watches the "TV Channel" and a channel may be comprised of many Pledge Videos. So in a typical use case one may have one Pledge Video at the beginning followed by one that requires payment. The description provides a guide for the viewer to know what to expect.

    Click image for larger version

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    The donation (payment) button that is visible on the top right hand side may be hidden when a payment is required before watching the video. The following option provides customization for the donation button if set to visible. If you choose to hide the donation button after the payment the selection may be set to hidden.

    Click image for larger version

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    It is important to note that if the "ever present donation button" is hidden after a payment the "Connect Forms" will be limited to only 1 form. The time 00:00 form will be used for the initial payment and given the donation button is hidden no more forms may be added as they will serve no function.

    Please let us know your thoughts on this design and if other features may be added to make this addition more useful for your implementation.

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