• Add a Link or Button

    With the Click & Pledge payment system you may create and use an unlimited number of checkout pages for donations, selling products, memberships, event registrations and more. In this article we discuss how to add a checkout page link or button to your website (or blog, social networks, etc.). There are no limits on the number of checkout pages you may create and use. Each checkout page has a unique address identified by last digits of the link called WID (short for Window ID).

    For example, here is a link to a checkout page from a Click & Pledge demonstration account:

    The last digits of the link =8375 is the WID number of this payment page. As previously stated each checkout page you create will have its own unique WID number.

    By default all new accounts are set up with a Classic donation page which is ready-to-use or customize. The default page is fully functional and may be customized through the wizard. To find your default donation page, login to your Click & Pledge account, then click on the Checkout Page icon at the top of the page.

    Under EasyPages, you will see a thumbnail image of a donation page.

    To add the default page to your website follow either of the two following steps:

    Get Code

    Click on the "Get Code" link on the checkout page thumbnail and copy the link as provided in the pop-up box.

    Get a Button

    Click on the "Get a Button" link on the checkout page thumbnail and follow the steps listed below:

    • Select a button from the gallery of the buttons listed on the page
    • Scroll down and click on the Get Code button
    • Copy and paste the code in your site from the offered options.

    Edit the default checkout page

    To customize the default page click on the "Edit" pencil on the checkout page thumbnail and follow the wizard. After each step click on "Go to next step" to save changes. Once edits are saved the checkout page updates automatically.
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