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Introducing FREE Salesforce Donor Management.


  • Introducing FREE Donor Management + Salesforce

    Salesforce Donor Management System
    We are happy to announce the release of the Donor Management Salesforce application with full integration with the Click & Pledge payment platform. Through this integration all donations, payments, and patron activities on all checkout pages and API (PaaS & FaaS) transactions will post to Salesforce in “real-time”. Whether you are currently using a donor management system or not you may take advantage of this application as an extension of the Click & Pledge’s administrative portal.

    Watch an introductory video:

    The Donor Management module takes advantage of the Saleseforce Nonprofit Starter Pack which is totally FREE for all registered 501 C(3) nonprofits through the Salesforce Foundation. The following are the features of the application:
    • Donors: All donor information posts directly to Salesforce upon authorization or decline of any transaction in the payment platform.
    • C&P Transactions: Detailed listing of all transactions with complete listing of all items purchased will be posted to the transactions listing.
    • C&P Recurring: All recurring transactions are posted and tracked. Detailed reports of all previous and future payments are available for download.
    • C&P Reports: More than 70 custom reports are available for download and inclusion in dashboards. These reports are in addition to the existing reports in the Nonprofit Starter Pack and the base Salesforce platform.
    • C&P Dashboards: 10 dashboards provide an overview of the donation & payment activities.
    • C&P Import: A custom importer provides an easy step-by-step wizard for importing external data into Salesforce. This importer is in addition to the existing Salesforce importer which is included as the base platform. In addition to providing a native import of all Click & Pledge historical data into Salesforce, the module provides an example template to be used for importing all other data in a batch format into Salesforce.
    • C&P Virtual Terminal: A PCI compliant virtual terminal provides a native credit card processing system to be used inside Salesforce. The data posts directly to Salesforce and contact lookup auto-fills all form fields without requiring any additional information.

    Plans for 2011:

    Click and Pledge is dedicated to expanding the Donor Management modules. We have assigned a team of developers dedicated to the Platform and they are working on new products to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

    Add your two cents….let us know any suggestions on additions to our platform that will assist your organization. Send your thoughts and ideas to: [email protected] and make sure to include in the subject: Salesforce Ideas

    More information:

    To read more about Donor Management + Salesforce Donor Management please refer to the following sources:

    To read more about the FREE Salesforce account through the Salesforce Foundation:

    How to Apply

    Applying for a Salesforce account is easy and should not take more a minute at most. Salesforce offers 30 days trial of its produce for free and once applied for from the appExchange our donor management application will come pre-installed and configured. Here are the steps:

    • I am NOT a Click & Pledge customer: The Donor Management system is only available to Click & Pledge clients. Please click on Apply Now to set up your Click & Pledge account.

    • I am a Click & Pledge customer and already have an active Salesforce Account: To add the FREE Donor Management application visit appExchange and click on Get it Now

    • I am a Click & Pledge customer & want a Salesforce Account + Donor Management: Apply for a 30 day trial* account with Salesforce through appExchange. Get it Now

    * Salesforce Foundation donates 10 user licenses to all registered 501 C(3) organizations. All accounts are initially set up as a 30 days trial and may be converted to a permanent license by applying for the donated licenses. Once you decide to change your trial account to a permanent account use the following form to start the process:
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