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Troubleshoot Problems Posting to Salesforce


  • Troubleshoot Problems Posting to Salesforce

    Typically posting issues are the result of a password or token change. If your Salesforce password expires or you change your token, that information will need to be updated within your Click & Pledge account or transaction information will not post. In essence, the integration is broken until the token or password is updated.

    Please refer to the following article for instructions to link your Click & Pledge account to Salesforce:

    The information below will help you troubleshoot your connection to Salesforce

    Instructions to test your connection
    Please follow the steps show above & summarized below to verify the connection:
    1. Login to the administrative portal (
    2. Click on Account Info
    3. Click on 3rd Party
    4. Click on Salesforce
    5. Click on Verify and check the resulting message. Does it verify?
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    Use C&P Data tab to view errors
    When transactions post to Salesforce they always post to the C&P Data tab as an XML post. Check if the transaction is in the C&P Data tab. If so, click on the order number to open the transaction and scroll to the bottom and check for any errors as show below:
    Name:  Salesforce_CnPData_Connections.jpg
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    Post missing data to Salesforce
    The most likely problem with your Salesforce instance is the password and connection issue. Once the connection has been verified you may easily post the missing data back to Salesforce by following the steps listed below:
    • Login to the administrative portal (
    • Click on Account Info
    • Click on Reports
    • Click on Send Receipts
    • Find the transaction
    • At the bottom of the page where the detailed transaction is shown a button should be visible for sending the transaction to Salesforce. Please note that this option is only available if a post has resulted in error.
    Deactivate Salesforce’s Password Expiration
    For many customers you may wish to deactivate Salesforce’s password expiration to ensure your Click & Pledge information posts to Salesforce. To deactivate automated password change:
    1. Click on Name
    2. Setup
    3. Security Control
    4. Password Policy
    5. Change to Never Expire
    6. Click Save button
    Deactive Password Expiration Steps 1 & 2
    Name:  Setup.jpg
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    Deactivate Password Expiration Steps 3-6
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